Kittens Available for Adoption

(Up to 6 months of age)

Each of our adorable kittens are seen by a vet, vaccinated, desexed, microchipped, wormed and flea treated; that is covered in the

adoption fee of $200* 

All of our cats and kittens are in foster care throughout The Redlands and Brisbane. 

*Kitten Kapers Rescue is a not for profit organisation and the adoption fee covers the cost of preparing the kittens for adoption. 

Hootie & Luca

Hootie & Luca, beautiful little brothers looking for their forever home. These affectionate little boys offer the perfect combination of affection, companionship & gorgeous playfulness. It would be fantastic for them to be homed together however individually will offer someone great joy & fulfillment. They love nothing more than cuddling after some fun with chasing balls, playing hide & seek! Kerrie - 0408 799 614 Redland Bay DOB 22/10/20


Edward is a playful and sweet little guy who loves to chase and play with his siblings. At the end of a busy day he likes to curl up next to you on the couch for some quiet time. Edward would do well in a busy household and is currently living alongside kids, cats and dogs (not so sure about the dogs just yet) Located in Thornlands, please contact Alicia on 0434938347. Text message only. DOB 18/12/20


Shoga (Ginger) is a very soft and calm kitten. He will come to you and is happy to be held and patted. He will lay on his back and allow his belly to be rubbed. He will even follow you around and lay next to you. He purrs as soon as you rub his chin. He is good with the kids so will suit a family with young kids as well. If you’re looking for an easy going cuddly kitten then Ginger is for you. Darren ph 0400118053 Email Murrumba Downs area. DOB 9/11/20


Wasabi is a little shy and timid. She will need a quiet and calm place to feel comfortable. She is still wary of most people, but has learnt to trust over time. She will sit on your lap and be patted but tends to wander off fairly quickly. You will need to be patient and put in some time with Wasabi, but it will be worth the effort. Darren ph 0400118053 Email Murrumba Downs area. DOB 9/11/20


Taco is a energetic boy who loves to run and play. once he is tuckered out he is happy to curl up next to you for a snooze. Located in Balmoral, please contact Amelia on 0401033229. DOB 24/11/20


I’m Winston. I'm looking for a home full of love, patience & toys!! I have lots of brothers & sisters & I’m the smallest so I am easily spooked. I will want lots of head & back scratchies I & will purr your ears off. I will need a home that has only adults & no other pets so that I feel safe! My favourite thing to do is to chase flies around my enclosure & do zoomies down the hallway. I like to use boxes to play & hide in, they make me feel safe. MAXINE ON 0400940348 Thornlands DOB 20/11/20


Hi, I’m Bean! My foster Mummy and Daddy named me ‘Bean’ because I am full of BEANS! I love cuddles and talking to you as you move around the house. I am full of purrs and will allow scratchies everywhere. Toys with bells are my favourite, but I’ll play with almost anything. I will be okay living with another cat but prefer no dogs. I can’t wait to go to my new home! Thornlands FOR ALL ENQUIRES, PLEASE CONTACT MAXINE ON 0400940348. DOB 20/10/20


Nala's a gorgeous ginger girl with fiery gold eyes. She loves playing chase with her toys & climbing on her tower. She likes to have a cuddle when she isn’t in a playful mood & will purr away at your feet when she wants attention. She'd thrive in a home that has no other pets or young children. She will take a few days to be comfortable to be herself & before you know it, she will be doing zoomies up & down the hallway or in an outdoor enclosure. Maxine MAXINE 0400940348 Thornlands DOB 20/10/20


Through Autumns eyes, there is nothing she can’t do. She can leap for flying toys far higher than her brothers and sisters! Autumn loves to play, play, play! And then cuddle, and then play some more. She will enjoy having another cat/kitten friend to play with, but will do just find with a hooman that will give her lots of attention. Autumn would prefer a woof free zone. FOR ALL ENQUIRES, PLEASE CONTACT MAXINE ON 0400940348. They are in Thornlands. DOB 20/10/20


Arlo is a little ginger boy with white socks and a white belly. He is the perfect friend to have around your house and will make a great addition to your family. He doesn’t mind whether you are playing or cuddling with him, he will be happy so long as you are with him. Arlo would love having another cat friend to play with but will do just fine with some toys, too. FOR ALL ENQUIRIES, PLEASE CONTACT MAXINE ON 0400940348. They are in Thornlands. DOB 20/10/20


My name is Mia. If you are looking for a little black and white purring machine, I'm your girl. I love playing with my furry and not furry foster siblings. If you have some toys I can carry around and play with, that would be great. Currently I live in Capalaba with my foster family which consists of children and cats bigger than I am. If you would like to have a chat to my foster mum to organise a meet and greet. Contact Celena on 0419546531. DOB 1/10/20