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Kittens Available for Adoption

(Up to 6 months of age)

Each of our adorable kittens are seen by a vet, had their first vaccination, desexed, microchipped, wormed and flea treated; that is covered in the

adoption fee of $250* 

All of our cats and kittens are in foster care throughout The Redlands and Brisbane. 

*Kitten Kapers Rescue is a not for profit organisation and the adoption fee covers the cost of preparing the kittens for adoption. 


This lovely little man is Zorro. He is a gentle soul that loves to play with anything that involves feathers and bells. His favourite toy is a little mouse that he carries around with him wherever he goes. He sleeps on the bed cuddled up to me. He had a hard start to life and is still adjusting to being picked up, but he does love lots of pats. If you have the time and patience to give this little guy please give Deanne a call to arrange a meet and greet on 0413 081 825 Birkdale DOB 3/1/24


Cagney is a playful, full of energy little boy kitten. He can be shy at first but once he gets to know his people and surroundings, he is super comfortable and loves a good pat and cuddle. He gets along well with other cats and loves to explore. FOR ALL ENQUIRIES, CONTACT Shelley on 0412453558. They are in Bethania. DOB 2/3/24


Introducing Cher, the gorgeous little lady who loves to be held and shown her world. With excellent Zoomie skills and a talent for climbing, she’s always up for an adventure. Though initially shy, Cher will warmly welcome you into her circle. Watch as she explores her new environment, seeking out mountains to conquer with grace and curiosity. You can meet Cher in Wynnum where she is staying with Paul and Stacie : FOR ALL ENQUIRIES, CALL 0409 277 722. DOB 1/3/24


Meet Sonny, the playful & curious kitty with the loudest purr you've ever heard! This energetic little guy loves chasing his sister Cher & his favorite small plastic spring. While he might be a bit shy initially, once Sonny warms up to you, he becomes a loving companion who adores pats & cuddles. Sonny's always interested in the world around him, making every day an adventure with this lively affection. Sonny is staying with Paul & Stacie in Wynnum: CALL 0409 277 722. DOB 1/3/24


Lucy is a bundle of joy who thrives on playtime and affection. This little sweetheart adores being petted and will happily soak up as much attention as you can give her. She's a playful kitten who loves to chase toys and explore her surroundings, but she's equally content curling up for a cozy nap. Lucy would be a perfect addition to any loving home, especially one where she can get plenty of pets and playtime. Call Jessica on 0452223197. They are in Albany Creek. DOB 17/3/24


Connor is a brave little kitten who will climb on all furniture to follow his humans around. Connor loves to snuggle and be around other cats. Connor is a very vocal kitten who loves his food. Connor would suit someone who would like a cat at their side at all times. FOR ALL ENQUIRIES, CONTACT Bree on 0491 725 120. They are in East Brisbane 4169. DOB 2/3/24


Meet gorgeous Mickey, he is a real sweetheart. He is an affectionate, gentle boy who has the sweetest personality. Mikey is a super playful and energetic bundle of joy who loves to curl up on your lap. He gets on well with other cats and the family dog. If you feel you can give Mikey the loving home he deserves contact Kelly on 0410041862 Holland Park. DOB 7/2/24


Ash is named for his stripy black/grey/brown fur. He's a grandpa trapped in a kitten body! Not keen on strangers, but once he's decided he likes you, he'll be your best friend forever. He loves his zoomies, wrestling toy mice & watching the TV. When it comes to nap time, you'll find him lounging in the sun or he'll snuggle up next to you for belly rubs, depending on his mood. Best suited to a smaller family where he can have the space & quiet he enjoys. Kristina-0412840980 Mansfield DOB 7/2/24


Donny is timid yet playful. When you first meet her she will most likely hide, but if you are slow she will let you pat her. She is very curious about the world and is quite independent. Enquire today if Donny sounds like the cat for you! FOR ALL ENQUIRIES, CONTACT KERRY ON 0421 646 631. They are in Annerley. DOB 3/12/23


Edie is a beautiful tabby black & grey stripe kitten. I would love to rehome with her sister, Darcy as they are beautiful together & bring out such cheeky playful energy. Edie is a kind & cuddly, curious kitten who loves to chase her sister & be cuddled. She purrs when you scratch her neck & loves her plants. She will play for hours and also enjoys a nice slumber next to you on the lounge. She would suit a couple, or families with other pets. CALL Kerri-ann- 0419382834 Bahrs Scrub DOB 11/1/24


Darcy is a beautiful, all black kitten. She is extremely playful and cheeky! Darcy loves chasing her sister around and playing hide and seek. Her favourite toy is rattling balls and toys on string. Darcy is very independent and would suit working couple or family with other cats. FOR ALL ENQUIRIES, PLEASE CONTACT Kerri-ann on 0419382834. They are in Bahrs Scrub. DOB 11/1/24


Bunny is a beautiful black and white kitten. She has a moo coat which looks gorgeous and is a little uncommon. Bunny was found on Easter hence the name. She is shy and it takes time for her to come over to us but once we have picked her up, she is immediately purring and will happily stay cuddled on our lap and sleep. She will gently tap to remind us that we need to continue the patting session and the purring doesn't stop until she sleeps. Call Shevaun on 0435550197. Cedar Creek DOB 8/12/23


Autumn has beautiful marking with a golden collar on her chest. Autumn loves to play, will always be where we are & likes to sleep with us. She is great with the kitty litter not a fussy eater, she isn't food aggressive, is happy to find a quiet place to snooze if we are busy & she gets along with everyone. Autumn loves to be where she is sure to get lots of pats and attention. Call Shevaun on 0435550197. Cedar Creek. DOB 14/1/24


I am a little girl named Opal. I'm a very energetic, toy loving, purr machine. Do you have a toy on a stick or a toy mouse, these are my favourite things ever. I enjoy meal times & playing with my furry foster sisters. Most of all I love finding somewhere to curl up for a nap. In the sun is the best place. I am currently being fostered with 2 children and 3 adults. If you would like to discuss making me a part of your family, please text Celena on 0419 546531. They are in Capalaba. DOB 28/12/23


Lucy is such a loving and energetic girl. She isn't afraid to use her voice and loves being pet. She has a little purr but will always love being with you. She will follow you around and loves her brother. She loved playing and loves running through tunnels. FOR ALL ENQUIRIES, PLEASE CONTACT SARAH ON 0449 967 822. They are in Bulimba. DOB 6/12/23


Speckles is a beautiful tortie kitten. Now some might say naughty tortie but that isn’t true in this case. I love chasing sky raisins & sitting next to you on the lounge. I do like to play & chase things that move. Even if it is the fan making them move. I currently live with my foster brother Fergus and the two cats who live with my foster family. I also live quite happily being toted around by the kids who share the house with me. Text Celena 0419 546531 Capalaba DOB 2/11/23

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