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Without the dedication of our amazing, wonderful and compassionate foster carers Kitten Kapers Rescue would most certainly not exist. Being a foster carer is the only way any animal rescue group can save the lives of the many cats and kittens that would have otherwise had a very uncertain future, be stuck in a shelter or put to sleep.

Being a foster carer is a very joyful and fulfilling experience in where you will be providing much needed love and support for your foster animals in your home and also giving them a second chance for a loving, happy and safe life, and you will also be totally supported by the Kitten Kapers Rescue team. Foster carers are also very unique and dedicated and give their time to love and nurture a previously un-cared for, neglected or abandoned animal.

The journey can be one of the most rewarding experiences and the short time you have with your fosters will be a something remembered always. If fostering sounds like something you would be most interested in please email us at


"KKR has given me the opportunity to save the lives, of not one, but countless kittens. There is no greater feeling than giving TLC to these little ones and seeing the tiniest abandoned bubs grow into healthy, happy and well-socialised kittens ready to find their forever homes. What a fantastic "win-win" situation for both the carer and the kitty!"

Cat Of The Week

Mrs Beasley1.jpg

Mrs Beasley is a smooch, love to be where you are kinda girl, but, she is an independent lady who knows what she wants and not necessarily when you want it.

We are looking for a patient, cat savvy person who will know how to work with Mrs Beasley and her ways who doesn't have any other cats or young children.

If you think you may be Mrs Beasleys friend, please call Kerry on 0421646631.

Mrs Beasley is located in Birkdale.

Senior 4 Senior Program 

 Did you know that Kitten Kapers Rescue has a Seniors program?
That’s right, senior cats for senior people!

We have found that many members of our community would love the companionship of a cat, but avoid having one because of other commitments, such as hospital stays or holidays. That’s where our senior cats come into play.

These cats are still happy and healthy cats, but because they are getting on in years, are less likely to be adopted. All that we ask, is they are provided with a loving, safe, indoor only lifestyle and that you provide food and litter. If there are any vet visits or medical attention required, we will cover the costs.

Also, if you are going on a holiday, you don’t have to worry about who will take care of the cat, because he or she would come back to us at Kitten Kapers Rescue and we would look after your companion until you return.

If you would like to know more about our seniors program, please email Kerry at